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08/08/2017 Commemoration of August 5th - Day of Remembrance of Serbs Who Were Expelled and Killed in Operation "Storm"


The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Brussels, organized on August 5, 2017, a commemorative gathering, on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance of the Serbs who were expelled and killed in Operation "Storm".

In the presence of Diaspora representatives, in the ceremonial hall of the Embassy in Brussels, a meeting, opened by Consul Ana Kosovac began with a minute of silence for all the victims and expelled Serbs and the intonation of the anthem of the Republic of Serbia, "Boze pravde".

Irena Banovčanin, chargé d'affaires in the Embassy of Serbia, addressed the participants and reminded of the tragic events of 22 years ago, when about 250,000 members of the Serbian people were permanently expelled from the Republic of Croatia.

It was followed by powerful testimony of Mirko Sarac, who arrived at the age of seven in the Republic of Serbia. Going into unknown, uncertainty, the hope that he will return immediately, the care for the fate of the family and the unconsciousness of the moment in which he was, particularly marked his presentation.

At the end of this part of the commemoration were shown the inserts from the film "Life after the Storm", by Snezana Stojkovic Pavlovic and Aleksandar Vukmirovic from 2005, which followed the fate of the returnees.

The commemoration was accompanied by a power point presentation with the most memorable photographs and messages about the suffering of the Serbian people during the "Storm", prepared by the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia.

At the end of the meeting was organized a cocktail.

* * * * *

07/12/2017 Participation of representatives of Serbia in the final competition of the "Company Program" organized by JA Europe

In the competition of 300,000 pupils and students, who participate every year in the "Company Program" dedicated to student education in the management of a micro company, organized by JA Europe, the Serbian company LegoBuzz, from Kragujevac, was selected to participate in the final competition on July 12, 2017 in Brussels.

Jovana Mališić, Nemanja Milovanović, Jana Marković and Milica Tomić, pupils aged 15-17 years, from Kragujevac, presented the concept of their company, who designed beehives with sensors that give beekeepers information about temperature and humidity in the beehive, a visual insight into the beehive for detecting possible illnesses and so on. Each participant presented to the international jury his company, its business concept, expected profit, way of winning market, risk management, as well as other components that are important for the success of micro-innovative companies. What significance Belgium has defined this event, apart from being hosted this year, is that King Philip visited the stands.

On the final evening, student Jovana Mališić received a prize for young leaders, in competition of 200 competitors.

Ambassador V.Arsić visited the stand of young competitors.

* * * * *

10/07/2017 Presentation of the Institutional Organisation of the Kingdom of Belgium in the Association of Wallonia-Brussels International

As a part of a two-week French language course for public administration employees, which is beeing held in Mons, from 3 to 15 July 2017, a presentation of the institutional organisation of the Kingdom of Belgium was organized at the Wallonia-Brussels International Association, on 10th July 2017. Participants of the course were greeted by and the introductory lecture was held by Ms. Paskalin Van Bol, Director of the Department for International Scholarships, lecturers and lectors, while the presentation of the institutional organisation of the Kingdom of Belgium and the international relations of Wallonia and Brussels was held by Mr. Mihael Lamhasni, Deputy Director General. It was also an opportunity for the participants to meet and discuss with diplomatic representatives in Brussels.

This year, the course participant from Serbia is dr Slavoljub Carić, Head of the Department of International Legal Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On behalf of the Embassy, the presentation was attended by Minister Counselor Irena Banovčanin.

* * * * *

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