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Phone: +322 / 647-2652, 647-5781, 649-6545 Directions/Map
Consular phone: +322 / 649-8349 Jurisdiction
Fax: +322 / 647-29-41 Honorary Consuls
E-mail: embassy.brussels@mfa.rs  
web: http://www.brussels.mfa.gov.rs  


17/05/2016 Diversity Project, Brussels, May 7th 2016.

On Saturday, May 7th 2016, in the center of Brussels, in front of the Bourse building and around, Diversity Project took place. The aim of this event was to show cultural and cuisine differences and similarities of the 30 participating countries of the festival. Organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Brussels, the Republic of Serbia was represented by KUD Moravac from Dusseldorf and Restaurant Čakaran from Antwerp.

Visitors of the event were delighted with specialties from Čakaran restaurant, as well as the dance of the Kosovo, River Morava region, performed by KUD Moravac.

30/04/2016 The „Balkan Trafik“ festival in Brussels


The Embassy of Serbia has traditionally took a part, with the Mission of Serbia to the EU and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in supporting the festival « Balkan Trafik », which was held this year under the general sponsorship of the Oil Industry of Serbia.

During the "Serbian evening" on that occasion organized in Bozar, the guests were addressed by Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Belgium H.E. Mrs. Vesna Arsic, the representative of NIS Mrs. Mirjana Bjelica, famous director Emir Kusturica, and the guests were animated by a brass band of Bojan Krstic.


We invite interested company to submit an offer for security equipment listed below:


I. Video system

1. DVR type BOSCH AN 5000 4 ch.       (1 piece)

2. Day-night analogue camera 24 V, type DINION AN 5000       (2 pieces)

3. Varifocal lens for camera 2,8-11 mm, type BOSCH LVF 5000-D2811     ( 2 pieces)

4. Holder for inside mount BOSCH TC 9212      ( 2 pieces)

5. Monitor CCTV type BOSCH UML 1X1 15”    (1 piece)


II. Alarm System

1. Alarm unit type ADEMCO 4140 XMP2       (1 piece)

2. Keyboard for alarm unit type ADEMCO 6160      (1 piece)

3. Wired vibration detector type ADEMCO    (4 pieces)


III. Access control system

1. Controller set, type BOSCH AMC2-4WCF, with appropriate box and power supply unit

     type APS-PBC-60, D126, AEC-AMC2/UL2       (1 piece)

2. Contactless reader type BOSCH ARD-SER 10-WI       (4 pieces)

3. Set of contactless cards ICLASS ID 13,56MHz        (50 pieces)

4. Software packet BOSCH APE basic 3.0        (1 piece)


Offer should contain:

- prices

- delivery terms and conditions

- warranty period


For additional information, call the phone +32 2 647 2652 , or e - mail: embassy.brussels@mfa.rs

Offers send electronically or by mail.

The deadline for submission of offers is 05.05.2016. at 12:00 h.

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