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Consular phone: +322 / 649-8349 Jurisdiction
Fax: +322 / 647-29-41 Honorary Consuls
E-mail: srb.emb.belgium@mfa.rs  
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28.10.2022. - Нерадни дани у Амбасади Р. Србије у Бриселу / Neradni dani u Ambasadi R. Srbije u Briselu

Због државних празника Краљевине Белгије и Републике Србије,

Амбасада Републике Србије у Бриселу неће радити 01. и 11. новембра 2022. године

За хитне случајеве дежурни број Амбасаде је +3226498349.


Zbog državnih praznika Kralјevine Belgije i Republike Srbije,

Ambasada Republike Srbije u Briselu neće raditi 01. i 11. novembra 2022. godine

Za hitne slučajeve dežurni broj Ambasade je +3226498349.


En raison de conge officiel de  l`Etat du Royaume de Belgique et de la République de Serbie,

l'Аmbassade de la République de Serbie à Bruxelles sera fermée le 01 et 11 novembre 2022.

En cas d`urgence, appeler le +3226498349.


Due to the state holiday of the Kingdom of Belgium and the Republic of Serbia,

 Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Brussels will be closed on November 1st and 11th, 2022.

In case of emergency, please call +3226498349.


03.10.2022 - Entry regime for Luxembourg

Citizens of the Republic of Serbia can travel to Luxembourg under general conditions for travel to the territory of the European Union, without special restrictions, considering measures of preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus.


29.11.2022 - Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the Kingdom of Belgium, Aleksandar Tasić, at a reception for member countries of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

Ambassador Tasić attended the reception at the Federal Assembly of K. of Belgium, which MP Samuel Kogolati organized for the member countries of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Diplomacy is essential for the peaceful resolution of conflicts, and this was an excellent opportunity to establish bilateral contacts between members. The primary function of the Inter-Parliamentary Union is to promote peace and cooperation between parliaments worldwide. Parliamentary friendship groups play a significant role in the development of parliamentary cooperation.

The Republic of Serbia hosted the 141st session of the Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union from October 13 to 17, 2019. The session in Belgrade was held on the 130th  anniversary of the oldest and largest international parliamentary organization.


17.11.2022 - Business-promotional conference on "Business investment and nearshoring opportunities in Serbia.”

The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Office of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in Brussels, and the Representative office of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in Brussels organized a business-promotional conference on "Business investment and nearshoring opportunities in Serbia.”

Representatives of the largest association of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises in the Belgian region of Flanders - UNIZO, which has over 110,000 members, was introduced to the investment and economic potential of the Republic of Serbia and AP Vojvodina, as well as nearshoring opportunities from our region.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the Kingdom of Belgium, Aleksandar Tasić, addressed the meeting, followed by presentations by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Serbian and Vojvodina Development Agencies on the advantages of doing business in Serbia. The UNIZO delegation, led by the CEO Danny Van Assche, was presented by representatives of 15 companies interested in achieving closer cooperation with business entities from Serbia, namely AP Vojvodina. Most attending companies were from the IT sector, agriculture, food production, medical and health services, and consulting and legal companies providing services to business people.


09.11.2022 - The ceremony marking the Armistice of the First World War at the Robermont cemetery in Liège

At the Robermont cemetery in Liège, Embassy representatives participated in the ceremony commemorating the end of the First World War, held on November 9. They laid wreaths at the monument to Serbian heroes who perished on Belgian soil. Allied memorials dedicated to all the liberation forces of the First World War were also decorated with wreaths. This ceremony marked the start of Belgium's commemoration of the Armistice of the First World War. It will conclude with the central ceremony, which will be held on November 11 in Brussels at the monument to the Unknown Hero.

At the ceremony, representatives of the Embassy of Serbia were joined by embassy representatives from France, the USA, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Italy, and Germany.


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