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Competition for Partially Financing projects, which contributes through its merits to preserving and strengthening connections between the homeland and the diaspora

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora and the Serbs in the region, announces the Competition for co-financing projects that contribute to preserving and strengthening the relations of the home state and the diaspora, which will last from March 13 to April 1, 2019. All information on the competition and the application procedure is available on the link www.dijaspora.gov.rs/uprava-za-dijasporu-konkursi. 

Meeting of Women's Embassy Network in the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Brussels with ‎Siegfried Bracke, President of the House of Representatives of the Belgian Parliament
In the framework of the Women's Ambassador Network in Brussels, at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia, at the invitation of Ambassador Marina Jovićević, on March 19, 2019, a meeting was held with the President of the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament of Belgium, Siegfried Bracke, who presented the specifics of the Belgian social-political model and the views of  New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) party about the current model. The meeting was attended by the ambassadors of Albania, Andorra, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Uganda, Jamaica and Lithuania, as well as charge d`affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
After the discussion, the guests tasted traditional Serbian food, prepared by a part of the collective of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia, with the help of a colleague from the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the EU, as well as wines and brandy of well-known Serbian producers.



28/2/2019 Byzantine dinner at Cercle Royal Gaulois, tasting of wines from our region

At this year's traditional gala dinner in the prestigious club Cercle Royal Gaulois, held on 27 February, the Association of Oenologists in the Kingdom of Belgium organized a presentation of "Byzantine" wines, where, in addition to three wines from Greece, one from Bulgaria and one from Romania, was also presented the Serbian red wine Aurelius 2011 barrique, varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, produced by the Kovačević Winery from Sremski Karlovci. Representative wines were selected by the sommelier Mark Wekmans, who has presented the wines from Southeastern Europe. He explained that Aurelius 2011 barrique has been chosen as the best one among eight wines from Republic Serbia.

The evening was attended by Ambassador Marina Jovicevic

and organizers paid special tribute to Serbian Embassy for the assistance provided in organizing the event. Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Brussels organized the performance of Serbian singer Mirjana Kostic, resident in Belgium, who sang three traditional spiritual songs on a gala evening.

The Embassy also provided for propaganda material on wine routes in the Republic of Serbia of the Tourist Organization of Serbia. As part of this event, the Cercle Royal Gaulois also featured an exhibition of icons, most of which were Russian and Greek icons, as well as the Serbian icon of Saint Sava, from a personal collection of professor dr Theodoros Koutroubas, received as a gift from late Serbian Patriarch Pavle.

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